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Team Satire make their mark on Portuguese soil!

POSTED BY Team Satire 27/04/2019

Team Satire PUBG make their mark on Portuguese soil today in the OMEN PCDIGA Showdown Vikendi. Teamed against some other well-known teams out of the Portuguese scene Satire_nIM, Satire_mmiG, Satire_Peru and Satire_N1ZOR certainly made their mark scoring an amazing 10 kill first game. The second game brought a slightly lower placement, but again the team did well in bringing up the points with kills to keep them in the top 3. The third and fourth game found the team in some awkward situations whilst being sandwiched between varying other teams and being third partied, but always either fought their way out or ‘died in style’. In the end the team made a satisfying third place winning them 4 x Bandanas, 4 x PUBG Bags and 4 x Painkillers Bottle (Mentos). But the main prize of course being the birth of the team under the banner Team Satire and the feeling of satisfaction that we grow more and more confident each day.

We look forward to our future games and the upcoming PEL Open.


Team Satire