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Team Satire PUBG make it to 1st place in the Dreamhack Dreamcup PT Qualifiers!

POSTED BY Team Satire 04/05/2019

The Team Satire PUBG team made it through a frenzied set of matches with over 30 teams competing for a place in Phase two of the Dreamcup Valencia. Being matched against some of the best that Portugal have to offer our team completed their first match in 2nd place with 11 kills which gave us a strong start to the tournament. We then went on in the second game to utterly dominate the server with a fantastic 1st place and NINETEEN KILLS. Exact numbers and details can be found HERE.

We as an organisation are very happy with the team’s growth over the past weeks, watching them deal with new and challenging situations and always adapting to the situation quickly and efficiently.

Good job guys and here is to the PEL Open and Dreamcup Valencia.


Team Satire