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PUBG Team qualify for phase 3 of the PGS Berlin!

POSTED BY Team Satire 03/02/2020

Our team polished off phase 2 of the open in 4th place and qualified for phase 3/4 of the PGS Berlin.

There is no holding back, though, as the new phase already begins tonight at 19:00 CEST! Our team is roaring to go and are ready to battle it out to qualify ahead of the 128 teams attending to make the final phase, 4, and move onto the PGS Berlin.

Here are some stats:

275 teams joined phase 1.
225 teams qualified to phase 2.
128 teams qualified to phase 3.

You can find more figures and scorings, along with the teams we have faced so far and are due to face on the Starladder website.

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