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PGS Berlin: Europe West Open Qualifier

POSTED BY Team Satire 27/01/2020

Tonight, begins the PGS Berlin: Europe West Open Qualifiers for PUBG and our team are ready to go. We have been playing a fair number of smaller tournaments in the past months and have been taking close care to note where our issues are. We feel that our guys are in a far better place, even after Dreamhack Seville, to attack the teams for tonight’s phase one.

You can follow our teams news in the PGS Berlin by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course keep a closer eye on the overall rankings on Star Ladders official site.

This year brings a completely different approach from PUBG Corp and Star Ladder in how they handle and how they have set out the professional league of PUBG. We are excited to see how this works out and how it can help the esports aspect of PUBG grow and evolve. For more information on how PUBG Corp and Star Ladder have changed PUBG esports for this year, you can read more about it here.

As always, we wish everyone the best of luck in the qualifiers.


Team Satire