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PEL Open Phase 1 Group C (Day 1/2)

POSTED BY Team Satire 19/05/2019

After the first day of 3 games of Erangel our PUBG team moved into 5th place overall from 16 competing teams in Group C. With the first game holding some problems with rotations, we still managed to secure 11 kills and held 3rd place overall even without any placement points. With that in mind the team moved into the second game with a positive mind and started out well with a decent place of 9th, but only a scattering of kills. This was enough points to keep us up top of the leaderboard, but we feel we could have done better here. The third game bought us some complex issues with another team contesting us purposefully. We took the loss on the chin and took into account that some teams are out to contest you no matter what the cost is to them or their team. We are and will be prepared for this in the future.

We are looking forward to the second round today of 3 games in Miramar. We are aiming strongly towards the top 8 places so we are able to run ourselves into the next phase.

Good luck guys, we are with you!

You can, as always, find a livestream of the match over at our official Twitch Channel. As the PEL Open is not streamed, we stream with a 15-minute delay from one of our players perspectives.


Team Satire