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Our PUBG Team Qualified for Dreamhack Seville!

POSTED BY Team Satire 29/11/2019

Well, here we are again. Our team, for a second time, have qualified for Dreamhack. But this time it is in Seville!

The qualification process wasn’t as touch and go this time around though, with our team consistently keeping a 30(ish) point lead throughout the qualifiers. We were incredibly impressed with 22 esports who made 1st place (but qualified last qualifiers) as they ran off with almost double statistics from us in second place. With that being said, we feel we have made our mark again and are incredibly excited to be attending Dreamhack Seville.

We will as always keep you all updated during the event that runs from the 13th-15th December over OUR SOCIAL MEDIA, so keep up to date on us there! Times will be set closer to the time, but are predicted to be mostly morning games.

If you want to help sponsor this event, or if you are looking to invest in a team that is going places then please feel free to drop us a message over at


Team Satire