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Our Partnership With Wheelie Access

POSTED BY Team Satire 02/04/2020

We are incredibly happy to announce our partnership with Wheelie Access, a non-profit organisation that focuses on attending venues and events as a wheel chair user to try to then work with event or venue organisers to make it more accessible for them next time around.

We are strong believers in access for all and we felt this fit our ethos of mental and physical well-being of our athletes. Because some of our athletes can and will also be in Wheel Chairs or have other medical conditions that make their daily life difficult. We felt that partnering with such a fantastic organisation already put us on the right path to try and make the esports scene recognise the need to make events, tournaments and LAN’s accessible to everyone that might attend.

Nathan from Wheelie Access told us a little about what it is they do:

We at Wheelie Access dedicate our time to attending locations and events to see if they are wheelchair accessible and then help companies make their events and locations more accessible for those in need of a little support.

We do this all by ourselves, and we only have a team of two that dedicate our time to the cause and use money from our own pocket, we are a non-profit, and sell hoodies and baseball caps with the company logo on to help spread the word of the company, these are sold at cost only.

We also help other companies by running fund raiser events, again at zero cost.
We aim to help anyone and everyone, our mission is ‘if we manage to help at least one person, then we have made a difference.

We look forward to working with Nathan and Michelle over the coming months in any way we can.

If you are hosting an event, tournament or such within the industry then feel free to reach out to them at

Be part of the change and let’s all work together to better esports.


Team Satire