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Dreamcup Valencia and Charge Gaming League

POSTED BY Team Satire 11/05/2019

Our team did well in phase 2 of Dreamcup Valencia, by dominating the playing fields both times on Erangel. We secured 1st place in the first game and 2nd place in the second. Sadly, as we moved over to Miramar we found ourselves out of sync with some rotations and fell short in both games. Even with that happening, though, we still hold overall second place in the tournament with third place still a clear 13 points behind us. We are confident that with some re-shuffling of our plans in Miramar matches that we can confidently come back next phase starting the 14th May at 21:00 CEST.

As always, the current standings can be found over on Challenger mode here.

Stay tuned as today we play the Charge Gaming Cup that runs for two days with a BO5 each day. This will be hosted on our official stream channel as usual.


Team Satire