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1st Place in Dreamhack Sevilla for our PUBG Team!

POSTED BY Team Satire 17/12/2019

After an incredibly successful long weekend in Sevilla, the PUBG team took it home with an outstanding win for the Dreamhack Sevilla Cup.

The team worked tirelessly to battle against the other teams, whilst always keeping their cool on stage. It isn’t new information that this was only their second LAN, but they still managed to pull off an amazing performance in each and every game.

After the 7th game and with only one game remaining we had a bit of a rocky road on thinking how we could claim back our 13 points to first place, but we re-strategized kept up our team spirit and ran the last game as confidently as we had the previous 7 games. Our strategy paid off and we also took first place in the last match making us 1st overall for the tournament.

We would like to thank our PUBG team for always remaining such fantastic athletes. It’s hard not to get caught up and distracted with other things going on whilst you attend such LAN’s, but the team did such a fantastic job.

We also want to take the time to thank Dreamcup, Dreamhack and especially the admins that played such a pivotal role in helping us with every aspect of the tournament. Without these guys everything would easily fall apart, and we think they need a big high five!

As we move forward, we will start to shift our whole teams’ approach to competitive within PUBG. Our focus has been quite large within the Portuguese and Spanish scene, but we want to start to train and learn in the larger European scene. So, our effort from now on will be primarily focused on PEL. This doesn’t mean we won’t attend or compete in other Portuguese or Spanish LAN’S, but we want to push forward into the professional scene more and we feel this is the way we will do it.

Again, a big thank you to the team. A big thank you to Dreamhack, Dreamcup and the admins and a big, huge thank you to our fans that supported us during the whole event.

We look forward to more wins and to experience that with you all.


Team Satire