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1st place again for our PUBG Team!

POSTED BY Team Satire 08/05/2019

Our PUBG team did it again and secured first place for phase 1 of the Dreamcup Portugal league! This was an important step for the team to be able to secure the points in the first phase, so we can continue to hold on to our position as we transition through the next 4 phases. The first game didn’t work out so well for us, with a hard shift on the circle to the north east, we found it hard to rotate in with competing teams and landed in 11th place after Team White successfully pressured us off the cliffside we were holding. The second game bought a much better turn out with us managing to pull of 16 kills and first place. The third game found us doing very well early game, but finding ourselves late game squashed between the two top teams, Tropa Suprema and Good Vibes. Tropa brought up the rear whilst Good Vibes held us where we were. The fourth game worked much more in our favour with us securing third place and 17 kills.

More information on statistics and current standings can always be found over on the Challengermode page here.

We are as always amazingly proud of our guys in PUBG and look forward to the next phase on Friday the 10th at 21:00 CEST. You can as always watch the stream via our official channel over at Twitch

Thanks to all the support we have received too, it means a lot to us.


Team Satire